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Pro-membership: Elevating Your Job Search

With our Pro-membership, you'll gain access to exclusive benefits designed to help you stand out to Canadian employers and secure your dream job. Here's what you can expect:

Instant Access to Top Job Opportunities: You will join our exclusive network of top jobseekers in Canada and gain access to the latest job opportunities.

Pre-Qualification (Assessment), a $125 CDN Value, FREE: Our team of experts will assess your qualifications and provide feedback to help you improve your chances of getting hired.

Tailored Company List: Receive an initial list of 'x number' companies in the industry you're interested in, so you can target your job search more effectively.

Precision Resume Writing, a $25 Value, FREE: We'll help you craft a precise and impactful resume that highlights your strengths and achievements.

Access to Videos on Successful Techniques in Contacting Canadian Employers: Learn from our experts on how to successfully connect with Canadian employers and make a great impression.

Priority Sequence with Immigration Partners: Gain priority sequence when Canadian employers are seeking help through our immigration partners, increasing your chances of getting hired.

Discounted Work Permit and Visa Services: Get a $200 discount on work permit and visa services through LMIA Pro.

Permanent Residency Application Discounts: Get 10% off Permanent Residency applications with LMIA Pro (up to $1,000 in savings) to help you secure your long-term future in Canada.

With our Pro-membership, you'll have all the tools and support you need to take your job search to the next level and achieve your career goals.

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