The not-so-talked-about Canada/US border "crisis"

The not-so-talked-about Canada/US border "crisis"

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing mounting pressure to restrict certain migrants from seeking asylum in Canada amid a surge of people crossing into the country from the US. Talks between the US and Canada have been ongoing for years regarding changes to a decades-old asylum agreement, but the sharp increase of people crossing into Canada from the US has added urgency to the situation. This challenge is spilling into US President Joe Biden’s relationship with his northern partner ahead of his trip to Canada.

While the US and Canada have often worked together to manage migration in the Western Hemisphere, both leaders have been forced to toughen up their stance on immigration due to an influx of migrants and political pressure.

The Safe Third Country Agreement, signed in 2002, applies to individuals who have transited through a country where they could've made an asylum claim. Canada is trying to close the loophole for crossings between ports of entry. While migrant crossings along the US-Canada border are still lower than those along the US southern border, it is becoming a political priority for Canada.

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